IOE Entrance Mathematics Syllabus 2080 – IOE Engineering Mathematics Topic-wise Syllabus

IOE Entrance Mathematics Syllabus 2080 – Candidates will be able to check the IOE Entrance 2080 Mathematics syllabus online. Institute of Engineering will release the complete syllabus of IOE Entrance 2080 Mathematics on the website Candidates will be able to check the IOE Entrance Mathematics syllabus 2080 pdf on this page soon after the official release. The Mathematics syllabus for IOE Entrance 2080 will comprise important topics for the preparation of the exam. Candidates can check the IOE Entrance Mathematics syllabus with a weightage pdf to know which topics have a high weightage of questions. However, candidates can refer to the IOE Entrance previous year’s question paper to know the high-weightage topics and check the level of preparation.

IOE Entrance Mathematics Syllabus 2080

Mathematics is an important subject to cover while preparing for IOE Entrance. The problems in the IOE Entrance Exam Mathematics section are a bit tricky to solve as it requires a student to use both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students must comprehend the concepts on priority and then practice IOE Entrance questions based on their theoretical and practical aspects. For creating an effective preparation study plan for IOE Entrance, students should check the detailed syllabus of Mathematics given below, so they do not miss any significant concept or chapter.

Syllabus for Mathematics IOE Entrance
1. Set, Logic and Functions
1.1 Set, real number system, intervals, absolute value, logic, connectives, laws of logic
1.2 Function, types of functions – injective, surjective, bijective, algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic; Inverse of function, composite functions
2. Algebra
2.1 Matrices and determinants, types and properties, inverse of a matrix
2.2 Complex numbers and Polynomial equations
2.3 Sequence and series, Permutation and Combination
2.4 Binomial theorem, exponential and logarithmic series
3. Trigonometry
3.1 Trigonometric equations and general values
3.2 Inverse trigonometric functions, principal value
3.3 Properties of triangles, in-centre, ortho-centre and circum-centre, solution of triangles
4. Coordinate Geometry
4.1 Straight lines, pair of lines
4.2 Circles, equations of circle in different forms, tangent and normal
4.3 Conic sections: Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola, standard equations and simple properties
4.4 Coordinates in space, Plane and its equation
5. Calculus
5.1 Limit and continuity of functions, indeterminate forms, L’Hospital’s rule
5.2 Derivatives, rules of derivatives, geometrical & physical meanings, higher order derivatives, Applications of derivative: tangent and normal, rate of change, maxima and minima
5.3 Integration, linear properties, rules of integration, standard integrals, definite integral, Applications of definite integral: area under a curve and area between two curves
5.4 Differential equations: definition, order and degree, differential equation of first order and first degree: variable separable method, homogeneous, linear and exact differential equations, integrating factor
6. Vectors and their Products
6.1 Vectors in plane and space, algebra of vectors, linear combination of vectors, linearly dependent and independent set of vectors
6.2 Product of two vectors, scalar and vector product of two vectors, scalar triple product
7. Statistics and Probability
7.1 Measures of location and measures of dispersion
7.2 Correlation and regression
7.3 Basic terms of probability, conditional and compound probability, additive and multiplicative rules, Bayes’ theorem, binomial distribution
IOE Entrance Mathematics Syllabus 2080

Mathematics IOE Entrance Syllabus

IOE Entrance 2080 syllabus will be available online for all subjects. Candidates can check the syllabus of IOE Entrance 2080 to know the important topics for exam preparations. Aspirants have to prepare the topics based on the IOE Entrance syllabus and weightage. Candidates can check the IOE Entrance 2080 syllabus with weightage pdf to know the important topics for the preparations. Move over the high-priority topics of the IOE 2080 Mathematics syllabus prior to others. Candidates should also check the IOE Entrance mathematics important topics. Check the previous year’s IOE Mathematics syllabus below.

Physics4014* 1 MQ + 13 * 2 MQ = 40 Marks
Chemistry3014* 1 MQ +8 * 2 MQ = 30 Marks
Mathematics5020 * 1 MQ + 15 * 2 MQ = 50 Marks
English2012 * 1 MQ + 4 * 2 MQ = 20 Marks
Total140 Marks100 Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on IOE Entrance Mathematics Exam

Have the authorities released the official syllabus of Mathematics for IOE Entrance 2080?

Yes, the Institute of Engineering will release the IOE Entrance 2080 syllabus on its official website.

Which are the best books for IOE Entrance 2080 mathematics?

Class 11 and class 12 are the best books to study Mathematics for IOE Entrance 2080.

Will the IOE Entrance 2080 Mathematics syllabus have questions from Class XI also?

Yes, the IOE Entrance Mathematics syllabus contains topics from class 11th and 12th.

Are there any changes in the IOE Entrance Mathematics 2080 syllabus?

The IOE Entrance 2080 Mathematics syllabus has been released. Once available, candidates can download the subject-wise syllabus PDF from this article.

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